Road condition is a maintenance service introduced in Cities: Skylines Snowfall. Road condition services maintain the quality of the roads in order to keep it clean and allow faster speed travel than normal of vehicles. The road maintenance depot is available in all map themes. An additional service called the snow dump is available in winter map themes only. Snow dumps plow snow from snow-covered roads; when roads have too much snow, vehicles will travel at a much slower speed, creating several problems, such as goods not being delivered quickly and traffic congestion.[1]


Building Cost Upkeep Capacity Pollution Noise pollution Unlock
Road maintenance depot

Road maintenance depot

₡40,000 ₡480/week 10 trucks 0 0 Busy Town
Snow dump

Snow dump

₡5,000 ₡32/week 250,000 snow units
10 trucks
0 100 Little Hamlet


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