A problem is an issue that a structure of building has with the services and utilities given to it, mostly them not having enough of it, or being on fire, flooded or now empty.

Industrial Building with Problem with ToolTip

Here is the information panel of an industrial building with not enough workers in the first stage of the Problem. This problem occurs when the 'jobs available' meter is too high

Industrial Building with Problem with ToolTip 2

Here is the information panel of an industrial building with not enough workers, now in the SECOND stage of the Problem (in other problems the icon would be red, but here it is still white). Notice that the happiness has gone way down.

It is show in a small square bubble with a icon, pulsing above the building. Open the information panel of the building, and it will tell you the problem below the title bar, with the icon on the left. Hover the mouse over the icon then it will show you more information. If the needs are not met for a while, they (except "'Not enough workers!'" which only changes panel color) will turn into a spiky-cornered red bubble and the bar in panel will turn red. If nothing happens after that, usually the structure, if 'zoned' in, will become abandoned.

These problems may decrease happiness and then, in some cases, population and tax income.

"Multiple Problems!"Edit

Sometimes there are two (or more problems) that a structure is having. This will cause the bubble to be shown one at a time, and the info panel to say "Multiple problems!" and the icons to appear in a line on the left.You can still hover over to either icon get their messages.


A building or structure can have a black-colored 'problem' after it has been:

A powerline pole can be struck by lightning to cause it to have a 'debris' problem (same as after a building being wiped out by water) and the powerlines off it one tile on either side to be cut.


White = Plain, usually first round. Otherwise an emptied or deactivated service, etc.

Red = "Still waiting!", usually means the coming abandonment or elimination of the building.

Black = The building is abandoned or destroyed. (Unless turned off)


  • Not enough workers! (Caused by a significant deficit of workers in a particular building. May also be triggered by the worker education being too high.)
  • Worker education is too low! (Caused by no or deficit in worker education probably either by having offices or high-density commercial buildings with, for example, no university or high-level low density commercial buildings with, for example, no high school)
  • Sewage is backing up! (Caused by there being no sewage service going to the building)
  • Land value is too low!
  • Taxes too high!
  • A dead person is waiting for transport! (Caused there being a person who died of age or sickness and no hearses going to the building)
  • Abandoned! (Happens after the building has a red problem that wasn't looked after)
  • Building is turned off! (Happens when a structure such as a power plant is turned off via the information panel. This problem is white.)
  • No more room! (Happens when a cemetery or dump is full)

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