The hydro power plant is a power-generating structure capable of generating between zero to 1,600 megawatts. The hydro power plant must be built over a river with each end point connecting to some form of land. It is unlocked by meeting the Small City milestone.[1]


Flowing water is an infinite source of kinetic power. Find a strong current in a river and build a dam to access this source of clean electricity.

In-Game PerformanceEdit

The power output of the hydro power plant is determined by the potential energy of the water above and below the dam. Larger differences mean greater power output. In addition to providing electricity, the hydro power plant also acts as a curved two-lane road.

Dams are likely to produce higher megawatts near water sources. Water sources can forcefully push its way out to open bodies of water through rivers, creating strong currents needed for a high-energy dam. Without water sources, dams built upon rivers may unintentionally reverse the flow of the current and produce little to no power.



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