IG landfill site

A landfill site

Garbage is the waste produced by buildings around a city. Garbage needs to be disposed and transported into a landfill or garbage incinerator. Larger cities tend to have higher amounts of garbage generation, requiring the need for several landfills and incinerators. Garbage that is uncollected produces pollution.

Once a landfill is full, the landfill cannot accept any more garbage. The landfill can be emptied, in the expense of the inability to take in new garbage. While in emptying mode, the garbage trucks will either transport the garbage to an incinerator or another landfill, if no incinerator is available. When a building produces too much garbage, the building may lead to abandonment. Additionally, uneducated citizens tend to generate more garbage than educated citizens.[1]


Building Cost Upkeep Pollution Noise pollution Unlock
Landfill site

Landfill site

₡4,000 ₡160/week 100 0 Little Hamlet
Incineration plant

Incineration plant

₡30,000 ₡1,440/week 100 50 Big Town


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