The game controls allow players to use methods to play the game. Cities: Skylines primarily uses the mouse and trackpad motion controls to select, pan the camera, build, and various other interactions. Additionally, the game also has access to key commands for quick access to tools.[1]

Mouse controlsEdit

The primary method of playing Cities: Skylines is through the use of the mouse or trackpad motion.

Action Windows/OS X
Move pointer Mouse/trackpad motion
Select item/activate button Left mouse button
Control camera Edge scrolling
Rotate camera Middle mouse button [hold] + left/right directional mouse/trackpad motion
Zoom camera Scroll wheel
Scroll up = zoom in
Scroll down = zoom out
Tilt camera Middle mouse button [hold] + up/down directional mouse/trackpad motion
Cancel current selection Right mouse button
Build a road Left mouse button [click] + mouse/trackpad motion + left mouse button [click]

Key commandsEdit

Key commands allow quick access to various tools as well as additional camera controls. Key commands may also be changed via Options menu.

Action Windows OS X
Control camera W / A / S / D keys
Rotate camera Q / E keys
Tilt camera Home/End keys FN + cursor left/right
Zoom camera Z / X keys
Exit current menu or tool Esc key
Residential zoning tool [low] 4
Residential zoning tool [high] 5
Commercial zoning tool [low] 6
Commercial zoning tool [high] 7
Industrial zoning tool 8
Office zoning tool 9
De-zoning tool 0
Bulldoze tool B key
Screen capture F11 (F12 Steam screen capture)
Pause menu Esc key

Game speedEdit

Action Windows OS X
Pause Space bar
Normal (x1) 1 1
Fast (x2) 2 1
Fastest (x4) 3 1


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