Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters is the third expansion pack for Cities: Skylines released for Windows, OS X, and Linux on November 29, 2016.[1][2]


  • Scenario mode: Scenario mode introduces custom game objectives, for instance custom starting cities, win conditions, and time limits, all of which can be shared into the Steam workshop.[1] Natural disasters can also be disabled.[3]
  • Natural disasters: Natural disasters occur unexpectedly, or under the mayor's discretion, which vary from raging fires to meteors falling.
  • Response units: To better counteract natural disasters, response units and services can be used to notify of an impending disaster.
  • Radio Ga-Ga: The Radio Ga-Ga is a broadcast network, which notifies the citizens of disasters and evacuation notices. Citizens may also listen to the music station.
  • Chirper hats: Chirper receives another hat corresponding to the theme of the expansion pack.




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