Hello! This is Chirper. Keep an eye on what your citizens are talking about and what is happening around the world. #youfoundme

–Chirper, in-game chirp


Chirper is the mascot of Cities: Skylines and serves as the in-game social media source. The Chirper notification panel displays all of the "chirps" of daily activities and events from the citizens. Occasionally, chirps reflect upon the moods and opinions. These chirps can provide insights on problems that can be resolved, or to congratulate on accomplishments.

The appearance of Chirper can be changed through the settings in the Chirper notification panel.

List of chirpsEdit

Chirps can come from any citizen. Some citizens will chirp the same message.



The newest reality show airs tonight! #isthisreal Misc.
All public services now available online! Ask your @local_government for registration instructions. Misc.
Three got laid off because no one was buying our factory's products. Having more local retailers would help move the stock and get our jobs back. High Commercial Demand
@police offers small #storage spaces with secure doors for #rent. Call 911 for more information. Good police coverage
@financialwatch Apartment rents are rising as the demand is high. @mayor is starting negotiations with local housing developments. High Residential Demand
Even though the smoke is a bit icky, a crematorium will save a lot of space in the city #ashestoashes Creation of a Crematorium
It sure is expensive to live in this area. Hope the @mayor balances the living costs with good #services. #notimpressed High Tax
There's a #weird #smell coming from the apartment next door. What does a #dead #person smell like? Poor Deathcare/Lots of Dead People
Our little town is not so little anymore! Great work @mayor ! Large Population
I just saw a criminal be let go as there's no room in the prisons! What is the coming to? #prison High Crime Rate
Latest news: Surgery performed by robots - doctors on permanent coffee break #howisthepay Misc.
Road maintenance just got better! Soon we can all drive even faster on the roads! #needforspeed #roadmaintenance Misc.
Have you #lost your #wallet? I found a black leather wallet. Send a PM to get it back. Misc.
I never really thought about how much garbage piles up in just two weeks. High Garbage build-up
Congratulations to us :) @mayor just announced that our beautiful city won the "Most Attractive City" award! #happymayor Misc.
@local_government Is the city planning to build more industry? #unemployed #welder High Industrial demand
The @mayor is doing well leading this city. New citizens and businesses keep moving in. #flyingcolor Misc.
I'm quite liking this city! #nice Misc.
These #abandoned #houses ruin the neighbourhood. Who's job is it to demolish or renovate them? Large amount of Abandoned Buildings
The city provides smoke detectors to it's citizens free of charge! #ilovethiscity Implementation of "Smoke Detector Distribution" Policy

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